Agent Orange – Six Ounces Of Awesome

This cocktail uses everything but the kitchen sink, but you won’t throw up in the kitchen sink after drinking it, unlike some boozy creations that mix multiple ingredients.

It uses six ounces of booze for two drinks but tastes like something that ought to have an umbrella sticking out of the top of it.

Almost felt like kicking my shoes off and pouring some sand on the floor of The Soaring Pig like I was on the beach.

Agent Orange

• 1 part Yukon Jack

• 1 part Jim Beam

• 1 part apple Schnapps

• 1 part vodka

• 1 part light rum

• 1 part triple sec

• .5 grenadine syrup

• 2 part orange juice

This one is made in a shaker. Serve over ice.

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