Proof Whisky Review

I bought a bottle of Proof whisky a while back when it was in the new release section of one of our local liquor stores in town.

The product is made by Toronto’s Proof Brands, who make one vodka, one rum and one whisky. That in itself sounds like a ukulele-playing hipster version George Thorogood song.

Although made in Toronto, it is a blend of western rye and wheat, which is a note up for a Canadian whisky, many of which use a majority of corn. The product is distilled with “pristine spring water from the Rockies.”

Proof ages their whisky in charred oak barrels, something they say gives it a smoky flavour. To my tastes, and those of the talented Ivan Deveau – our resident whisky reviewer – it tastes like Lemon Pledge – or what we think Lemon Pledge would taste like. The product is more peppery than smoky and more lemony than some salad dressings I’ve had.

The product is bottled at 42% alcohol by volume, one supposes to give the brand an edginess.

I think the product would probably work fine in a cocktail. Proof offer one on their website called The Urban, which utilizes pear juice.

For the price point, there are far better whiskies out there.

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